CAT File No. W-2090-02
MoT File No. SAP-5504-41172



Robert Randall Bartlett, Applicant

- and -

Minister of Transport, Respondent

Aeronautics Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. A-2, s. 7.3

Jurisdiction of the Tribunal

Review Determination
William Thornton Tweed

Decision: June 6, 2001

The Civil Aviation Tribunal does not have jurisdiction to hear the matter brought pursuant to s. 7.3 of the Aeronautics Act. I have reviewed the Review Determination of Mr. Allister Ogilvie, Vice-Chairperson of the Civil Aviation Tribunal, in Milton James Woods v. Minister of Transport (CAT File No. P-1908-02) and the recent decision of the Appeal panel on the same file. I concur with the reasons as set out in the Review Determination and upheld on appeal.