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Decisions for 1997: Civil Aviation Tribunal

Decision (HTML) CAT File No. Hearing Type
641296 Ontario Inc. (north East Air Services) O-1342-37 Review
Alain Charron Q-1277-02 Appeal
Aviation Québec Labrador Ltée Q-1416-09 Review
Brian James Saunders A-1434-02 Review
Buffalo Airways Ltd. W-1443-41 Review
Canadian Aero Accessories Ltd. W-1218-41 Appeal
Captain Paul D. Prentice H-0038-60 Review
Charles B. Gregoire O-1469-33 Review
Charles Joseph Saville W-1309-04 Review
Daniel Brendan Van Nice A-1467-02 Review
Daniel George Knisley C-1494-33 Review
Daryl Randolph Johnson C-1377-35 Review
Donald Frederick Seymour W-1254-33 Appeal
Donald Frederick Seymour W-1246-02 Appeal
Dundas Flying School O-1335-09 Review
Eugene Kocsis O-1480-33 Review
First Officer Paul Thain H-0039-60 Review
Francis Dominic Decicco C-1316-02 Review
Frederick Olaf Martin O-1473-33 Review
Gerard François Joseph Bourgault C-1464-33 Review
Gogal Air Service Limited C-1234-41 Appeal
J. F. Duncanson /c/o/b Tikinagan Air C-1040-10 Review
Jacques André Eric Goyet O-1331-02 Review
Jacques André Eric Goyet O-1338-33 Review
James Jeffrey Rowan A-1500-33 Review
Jelle Dykstra W-0213-04 Review
Jelle Dykstra W-0213-04 Appeal
Jerry Mervin Wolsky W-1302-33 Review
Jerry Mervin Wolsky W-1302-33 Appeal
Joseph André Sylvain Bergeron C-1349-33 Review
Joseph Gilles Jean Lapointe A-1475-33 Review
Leigh Benjamin Hutchins O-1428-33 Review
Leigh Benjamin Hutchins O-1428-33 Appeal
Leo Larry Hiebert C-1354-33 Review
Lionel Gartner W-1278-02 Appeal
Mark Frank Killen C-1300-33 Review
Mark Frank Killen C-1300-33 Appeal
Michael L. Soos P-1513-33 Review
Michel Todd Q-1485-33 Review
Noël Cormier Q-1530-33 Review
Noël Parent Q-1191-02 Appeal
Northern Dene Airways Ltd. C-1378-41 Review
Paul Charles Edward Stover C-1460-33 Review
Peter George Dmytriw O-1474-33 Review
Peter Nagnibeda C-1429-02 Review
Peter Nagnibeda C-1429-02 Appeal
Rick James McFarlane H-0037-02 Review
Robert Glenn MacDonald O-1420-02 Review
Robert Scott Mepham A-1374-02 Review
Royal Aviation Inc. O-1471-41 Review
Sergei Charles Christopher Lutzak O-1522-33 Review
Skyward Aviation Ltd. C-1455-41 Review
Spur Aviation Ltd. W-1284-09 Review
Spur Aviation Ltd. W-1283-09 Review
Spur Aviation Ltd. W-1282-20 Review
Stephane Leblanc O-1233-37 Appeal
Wamair Service & Outfitting Inc. C-1442-41 Review
West Point School of Aviation Inc. W-1380-41 Review
West Point School of Aviation Inc. W-1381-41 Review
West Point School of Aviation Inc. W-1380-41 Appeal