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Decisions for 2003: Civil Aviation Tribunal / Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada

Decision (HTML) CAT/TATC File No. Hearing Type
2553-4330 Québec Inc. (aéropro) Q-2462-37 Review
Air Spray (1967) Ltd. W-2580-41 Review
Andrew Boyd O-2418-71 Appeal
Andrew Chambers Boyd O-2468-02 Appeal
Arnold Ivan Grinde C-2572-33 Review
Aviation R. Goulet Inc. O-2583-41 Review
Bradley MacKay A-2865-33 Review
Bruno Tomassini Q-2520-33 Review
Cascade Avionics Ltd. W-2754-41 Review
Dalila Francis Budoo O-2755-49 Review
Delco Aviation Limited O-1918-41 Federal Court (T)
Denis Vincent Q-2531-33 Review
Denis Vincent Q-2531-33 Appeal
Foxair Heliservice Inc. Q-2427-37 Appeal
Heli-express Aviation Inc. O-2740-41 Review
International Cargo Charters Canada Ltd. O-2387-41 Appeal
James Edgar Darwin P-2794-37 Review
Jean-françois Roch Q-1950-02 Review
L & R Aircraft Repairs W-2526-41 Review
L & R Aircraft Repairs W-2526-41 Appeal
Laurentide Aviation (2737-5633 Québec Inc.) Q-2097-05 Appeal
Laurentide Aviation (2737-5633 Québec Inc.) Q-2095-19 Appeal
Merrick Willis Adams A-2397-02 Appeal
Michael Gilbert Connellan C-2739-33 Review
Michael William Graham C-2461-33 Appeal
Milton James Woods P-1908-02 Appeal (2)
National Metal Finishing N. M. F. (canada) Ltd. Q-2745-26 Review
Nicholas Anthony Booth O-2807-02 Review
North Vancouver Airlines Ltd. P-2777-41 Review
Odyssey Air Ltd. P-2644-12 Review
Peter Fraser P-2502-60 Review
Peter Fraser P-2502-60 Appeal
Peter Suderman C-2888-33 Review
Rob Eykelbeysh C-2886-33 Review
Robert Brian Milton H-2424-33 Review
Ronn Palley P-2613-33 Review
Roy J. Eisenrieder C-2839-52 Review
Samwail Khalil O-2719-49 Review
Shiloh James Tegart C-2650-33 Review
Shiloh James Tegart C-2650-33 Appeal
Stage Air South Ltd. P-2585-41 Review
Stéphane Giguère Q-2834-33 Review
Sunwest Home Aviation Ltd. W-2628-41 Review
Ville de Mascouche Q-2547-15 Review
Westpoint School of Aviation Inc. W-2606-41 Review
William Paul Denomme W-2503-33 Appeal
William R. Long O-2824-02 Review
Yvan Ferland Q-2551-33 Review