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Decisions for 2011: Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada

Decision (HTML) TATC File No. Hearing Type
629453 B.C. Ltd. MP-0100-37 Review
Aidan Butterfield P-3433-33 Review
Air Mikisew Ltd. W-3351-41 Appeal
ALCI Aviation Ltd. O-3707-41 Review
Anthony Guzzo O-3748-60 Review
Baffin Fisheries (2000) Ltd. MA-0059-37 Review
Brent Allan Gerald Lukian W-3675-33 Review
Brent Allan Gerald Lukian W-3674-33 Review
Brent Allan Gerald Lukian W-3677-33 Review
Carousel Charters and Sales Ltd. MP-0037-37 Review
Excursions de pêche des Îles Inc. MQ-0085-37 Review
Farm Air Ltd. C-3621-09 Review
Farm Air Ltd. C-3621-09 Appeal
Freefall Express, Inc. A-3488-41 Appeal
Gerald John Visser H-3569-31 Review
Grant William Warner H-3740-59 Review
Jean-Pierre Gouin MQ-0108-27 Interlocutory
Jorgen Madsen MP-0038-33 Review
Lawrence Glenn Mashowski W-3592-02 Review
Marshall Makarowski W-3806-59 Review
Mckeil Ships Limited MO-0014-37 Appeal
Northern Harvest Sea Farms Inc. MA-0043-37 Review
Principal Holdings Limited MA-0057-37 Review
Richard Caines MA-0028-37 Review
Robert James Kropla H-3738-59 Review
Sharp Wings Ltd. P-3698-41 Review
Shawn Ralph MA-0032-33 Review
Steven Diego Genn P-3739-02 Review
Tyler Clare Backman C-3583-59 Appeal
William Paul Denomme W-3606-33 Review