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Decisions for 2013: Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada

Decision (HTML) TATC File No. Hearing Type
AAT Global Inc. P-3937-99 Interlocutory
Abbie Isle Seafoods Ltd. MA-0232-37 Review
Abbie Isle Seafoods Ltd. MA-0233-37 Review
Aidan Butterfield P-3433-33 Appeal
Air Saguenay (1980) Inc. Q-3782-37 Review
Anthony Guzzo O-3748-60 Appeal
Austin Broders MA-0138-33 Review
Carousel Charters and Sales Ltd. MP-0037-37 Appeal
Claude Vaillancourt MQ-0230-33 Review
Damiano Dalla-Longa W-3710-02 Appeal
Eagle Flight Centre O-3699-41 Review
Farm Air Ltd. C-3696-41 Appeal
Independence Air Ambulance Corporation W-3595-27 Review
Independence Air Ambulance Corporation W-3595-27 Interlocutory
James Edward Sellars A-3895-33 Review
Jeff Paul Bickerstaff P-3770-33 Review
Jeffrey Douglas Pollett A-3913-35 Review
Keith Forsey MA-0139-33 Review
Kenneth Robert Dennis O-3924-27 Review
Lawrence Duggan MP-0098-37 Review
Lumsden Aero Ltd. C-3697-41 Appeal
Marina District Development Company H-3587-80 Appeal (2)
McKeil Work Boats Limited MA-0161-37 Review
Philibert Pierre Hénault O-3869-27 Review
William Edward Kipke C-3449-33 Appeal
Yves Julien Q-3916-33 Review