Message from the Chairperson

It is once again my privilege to report the ongoing activities of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada, formerly the Civil Aviation Tribunal. Being a quasi-judicial body, the Tribunal adjudicates matters that have a serious impact on the livelihood and operations of the aviation, rail and marine sectors of the federal transportation system.

I am pleased to confirm that the Tribunal has made progress and innovations over the past year while keeping up with its expanding mandate to include cases under the Marine Transportation Security Act and the Canada Shipping Act, 2001. Although in its initial stages, we will soon be able to revolutionize electronic access to all of our services for Canadians.

To accommodate its changing membership, the Tribunal has held a number of training sessions over the past year and continues to train its steady flow of newly appointed members. I am confident that the professionalism which is shown in the conduct of the hearings and the well reasoned decisions which follow are a direct result of the quality of these training sessions.

The knowledge and expertise possessed by Tribunal members enhance their independence by enabling them to understand and assess the validity of the reasons for the enforcement and licensing actions. They also enhance the confidence which the parties place in the decisions rendered by the Tribunal.

The Tribunal continues to encourage the parties to confer in a supervised setting and to convene through teleconferences which produce cost-effective and timely results for the parties.

The continuing efforts of the staff and the members to make this Tribunal a model of excellence fill me with enthusiasm for the year ahead and with gratitude for the deeds we have accomplished over the past year. I am pleased to recognize the dedication of the Tribunal members and staff.

Faye Smith