Message from the Chairperson

Richard W. HallIt is my distinct pleasure to present the latest Annual Report of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada. The year 2010 represents 24 years of service to Canada by the ("Tribunal") and its predecessor, the Civil Aviation Tribunal.

The Tribunal is a quasi-judicial body adjudicating matters that have a serious impact on the livelihood and operations of the aviation, marine and rail sectors of the Federal transportation system and recently, transportation security issues.

To accommodate its changing membership, the Tribunal has held a number of training sessions over the past year and continues to train its steady flow of newly appointed Members. I am confident that the professionalism which is shown in the conduct of the Review and Appeal Hearings and the well reasoned decisions which follow are a direct result of the quality of these training sessions and the calibre of our part-time Members.

The knowledge and expertise possessed by the Tribunal Members enhance their independence by enabling them to understand and assess the validity of the reasons for the enforcement and licensing actions. They also contribute to the confidence which the parties place in the decisions rendered by the Tribunal.

Over the years, the Tribunal's practice and procedures have been flexible, innovative and straightforward and the Tribunal became one of the Federal government's best practices organizations. The basic principles governing the Tribunal are those of independence and expertise in an administrative law environment espousing the principles of fairness and natural justice.

The very existence of the Tribunal, as a forum for the review of enforcement and licensing decisions has, in and of itself, created an environment for the resolution of matters between Transport Canada and the air, marine and rail industries that it regulates. That is to say, that the Tribunal provides a forum for the parties to talk to each other, to communicate and that alone resolves many matters, such as aviation medical cases.

The Tribunal has continued to make progress and innovations over the past few years, while keeping up with its expanding mandate to include cases in the marine sector by hearing cases under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

Finally, I offer my gratitude to all Tribunal Members and employees for their dedication to the provision of an independent review process for the benefit of Canada's transportation community. I am confident that we can continue to meet future challenges with the commitment to excellence evidenced by the past and present performances of this Tribunal.

J. Richard W. Hall
Chairperson and CEO