Message from the Chairperson

Richard W. HallThis year, I take great pride in presenting the 2011-2012 Annual Report for the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada ("Tribunal"), representing twenty-five years of excellence in transportation administrative tribunal services in Canada since the inauguration of its predecessor, the Civil Aviation Tribunal, in 1986.

A quasi-judicial body, the Tribunal serves Canadians by hearing Review and Appeal Hearing of Federal enforcement and licensing decisions in the transportation industry, specifically in the aviation, marine, rail, and the bridges and tunnels sectors (including medical cases). The Tribunal provides an accessible, transparent forum for communication and conflict resolution between the federal government and various transportation industry stakeholders. In this capacity, we play an active and innovative role in shaping government legislation and policies, as well as industry practices.

Upholding the professionalism of Members and staff is of the utmost importance at the Tribunal. Our Members represent a broad spectrum of the Canadian public and bring with them the unique and intimate knowledge and experience necessary to make informed decisions on transportation administrative statutory actions.

As Chairperson, I ensure that Members are provided with the training necessary to preserve our high standards of professionalism. We have enhanced our training for new Members to ensure their unique qualifications are wellanchored in the Tribunal's administrative law tradition. Also, we continue to develop various tools such as a new Code of Conduct and Members' teleconferences to further solidify the professionalism of our Members and the prestige of the Tribunal.

When the Civil Aviation Tribunal was established in 1986, it was unique in the world as a forum to review national aviation administrative actions. Since its re-inauguration as the multi-modal Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada in 2003, the Tribunal has continued to carry an ever-increasing workload, which was spurred by the enactment of the Marine Personnel Regulations in 2007 and the Railway Safety Act in 2004.In order to better realize our ever-increasing mandate, Tribunal Members regularly engage with the transportation industry through speeches, participating in conferences and publishing articles in the marine and aviation sectors. The Tribunal continues to receive positive feedback from industry stakeholders.

Providing the services of the Tribunal would be impossible without the dedication of Tribunal Members and staff and I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and ongoing professional respect to them.

J. Richard W. Hall
Chairperson and CEO