Message from the Chairperson

J. Richard W. Hall Chairperson and CEOIt is my pleasure to present the 2012-2013 Annual Report of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (the Tribunal). This past year has seen an eventful continuation of our adjudicative role in the transportation sector, along with change and preparation for new challenges ahead.

The Tribunal serves Canadians by conducting hearings of Federal enforcement and licensing decisions in the transportation industry. Specifically, the Tribunal hears cases across the country in the aviation, marine, rail, and the bridges and tunnels sectors (including medical cases). Through an adjudicative process of Reviews and Appeals, we provide a transparent forum for communication and conflict resolution between the Federal Government and the transportation community. As such, the Tribunal has played a unique and active role for close to three decades, built on a solid foundation of highly qualified and skilled Members.

Tribunal Members combine professionalism, expert knowledge, and the experience necessary to make informed, independent decisions on administrative actions in the transportation sector. I am proud of our Members who also regularly engage with industry through speeches, conferences and publishing activities, and of our dedicated staff who work diligently to administer the work of the Tribunal.

As Chairperson, I have ensured that Members and staff receive quality training that upholds the high standards and values that Canadians expect of a public, quasi-judicial institution. With a number of new Members joining the Tribunal in 2012, we remain committed to continuing our administrative law tradition, and to further enhancing the professionalism and reputation of the Tribunal.

Since its inception, the Tribunal has assumed an ever-increasing role and workload. Most recently, amendments to Regulations in the marine sector are expected to generate more marine cases for the Tribunal. Forthcoming regulatory changes in the rail sector, such as the introduction of monetary penalties, will likewise contribute to the Tribunal's caseload going forward.

As this is the last year of my four-year Governor in Council appointment, I want to express my deep appreciation for the singular honour I have had to serve my country at the Tribunal.

Finally, providing the services of the Tribunal to Canada would be impossible without the dedication of Members and staff. As always, I extend my heartfelt gratitude, and ongoing personal and professional respect to them.

J. Richard W. Hall
Chairperson and CEO