Message from the Chairperson

John Badowski Acting Chairperson It is my pleasure to present the 2014-2015 Annual Report of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada. As an independent and transparent forum for communication and conflict resolution, the Tribunal serves Canadians by conducting hearings of Federal enforcement and licensing decisions in the transportation industry.

The Tribunal hears cases across the country in the aviation, marine, rail, and the bridges and tunnels sectors (including medical cases). Through an adjudicative process of Reviews and Appeals, we continue to play a unique and active role in the relationship between the Federal Government and the transportation community.

Over the past year, the Tribunal experienced a six per cent increase in requests for Reviews. As the Tribunal's mandate continues to expand and evolve, for example due to additional responsibilities expected from the coming Motor Vehicle Safety Act, requests for Reviews and Appeals will continue to increase. Substantially more cases in the Rail sector are currently entering the system, so new stressors will be placed on the Tribunal as this sector becomes increasingly active.

I am pleased to report that the Tribunal actively and aggressively scheduled Review and Appeal hearings throughout the year and was able to reduce its backlog of waiting cases. More importantly, backlogs of determinations and decisions to be completed and published, as well as a translation backlog, were all completely eliminated this year. I am also very pleased to report that excessive delays in the routine, ongoing publication of determinations and decisions have been reduced, on average, by 36 per cent this year.

Certain challenges for the Tribunal remain, such as the number of Members available to conduct hearings expeditiously, and the recruitment and retention of Members with the appropriate skill sets.

Since joining the Tribunal in 2014, I continue to witness Tribunal Members' professionalism, expert knowledge, and abilities to render informed, independent decisions. I am proud to be part of a group of experienced Members who are actively engaged on matters of importance to Canada's transportation sector, and to work with a dedicated staff who diligently administer the day to day operations of the Tribunal.

John Badowski
Acting Chairperson