• AviationThe primary legislation governing civil aviation in Canada is the Aeronautics Act. The Tribunal hears reviews and appeals relating to a number of regulations made pursuant to the Act, including the Canadian Aviation Regulations.
  • MarineThe Canada Shipping Act, 2001 provides the primary legislative framework for shipping in waters of Canadian jurisdiction. The Tribunal hears Reviews and Appeals relating to a number of regulations made pursuant to the Act, such as the Marine Personnel Regulations and the Vessel Certificates Regulations.
  • RailSeveral federal statutes play a role in the regulation of railways in Canada, particularly the Railway Safety Act and the regulations and rules made pursuant to it, such as the Grade Crossings Regulations and the Railway Safety Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations.
  • International Bridges and TunnelsThere are 25 vehicular international bridges and tunnels and 14 international railway structures between Canada and the United States that fall under the International Bridges and Tunnels Act. Regulations made under this Act include the Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulations and the International Bridges and Tunnels Regulations.
  • Motor VehiclesThe primary legislative framework for motor vehicle operation under Federal jurisdiction is the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. The Act was recently amended to grant authority to the Tribunal to review decisions by the Minister pertaining to Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs), pursuant to section 16.18 of the Act. The AMPs will be established by an Order in Council.