Who Are We?

The Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada is a quasi-judicial body established in 2003 pursuant to the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act. The Tribunal replaced the Civil Aviation Tribunal, which was established under Part IV of the Aeronautics Act in 1986. In addition to aviation, its jurisdiction extends to the marine, railway, motor vehicle, and international bridges and tunnels sectors.

The Tribunal's jurisdiction is expressly provided for under the Aeronautics Act, the Canada Shipping Act, 2001, the Canada Marine Act, the Marine Transportation Security Act, the Railway Safety Act, the International Bridges and Tunnels Act, the Canada Transportation Act, the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and the Navigation Protection Act.

The Tribunal has a commitment to openness and cooperation and is mandated to conduct informal, expeditious and fair hearings. It is led by two full-time members and comprises part-time members, appointed by the Governor in Council, who render decisions on cases referred to the Tribunal. All members are Canadian citizens from across the country who have expertise in one or more modes of transport within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. Members are supported by a staff of twelve public servants working from its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

Former TATC Chairperson Charles Sullivan, speech before the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications, May 29, 2019