Request for review/appeal form - Introduction

There are two levels of hearings at the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (TATC). The first level of hearing is a review of Transport Canada’s or the Canadian Transportation Agency’s decision, after which the TATC will provide the parties with a review determination. The second level of hearing is an appeal of the TATC’s review determination.

Deadline for Requesting a Review or Appeal

The deadline for requesting a review appears on the notice or letter from Transport Canada or the Canadian Transportation Agency (usually 30 days from the date of the notice or letter) ? You can request a review after the deadline, but note that it may not be accepted. Please see the TATC’s Policy on Late Applications for more information.

You must submit your request for an appeal within 30 days of the date you received the TATC’s review determination.

How to Request a Review or Appeal

You may choose to request a review/appeal by filling out the online form below ? For other ways to file your request, please see here

  • The required information includes
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Fax number
    • Representative's name and number (if any)
    • Language of hearing(English or French)
    • A copy of notice or letter (if requesting a review)
    • The reasons for the request (if requesting an appeal)
  • You may send this information to the TATC:
By mail, in person or by courier: Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada
344 Slater St., 15th floor suite 200
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0C2
Tel. No.: 613-990-6906
By email:
By fax: Fax No.: 613-990-9153